Blackjack Switch

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Blackjack Switch

Simple but with a brilliant twist, Blackjack Switch is an exciting new addition to regular Blackjack allowing you to control the order of your cards.

Rules of Play

Each player plays 2 hands and places an identical bet in both betting spots. Players now have the choice of keeping the hands they have been dealt or ‘switching’ their 2nd cards around.

For example, if a player is dealt:

  • Six of Clubs plus Ace of Diamonds (7 or 17)
  • King of Hearts plus Five of Clubs (15)

The player can ‘switch’ the Ace and the Five to get:

  • Six of Clubs plus Five of Clubs (11)
  • King of Hearts plus Ace of Diamonds (11 or 21)

All doubling and splitting is allowed as in regular Blackjack even after ‘switching’.

As the dealer cannot ‘switch’, the casino will employ two rules to compensate for this extremely powerful feature:

  • ‘Blackjack’: Pays even money, as more Blackjacks are created in the game
  • Push 22’: If the dealer makes a hard total of 22, then all remaining bets are ‘pushed’

Super Match

Furthermore, you have the option of playing the ‘Super Match’ bonus bet, another exciting addition to the game featuring multiple payouts. Players who place this bet are aiming to be dealt a pair, or better, from any of the four initial cards dealt to them.

‘Switching’ can only be performed after the dealer has checked for a ‘Blackjack’ and insurance may be taken using the regular Blackjack procedure. Players may ‘switch’ back their cards providing no further action has been taken.

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